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Sometimes it just has to tingle on the tongue. Our refreshing drinks are perfect for this. We offer them in a variety of flavours. But our soft drinks all have one thing in common: they are fizzy, refreshing and alcohol-free.


Sparkling pleasure – that describes all of our soft drinks. Our range is specifically aimed at the British market: you will find classic products such as cola, fizzy lemonades and bitter drinks – all in sugar-reduced or sugar-free versions. These are available at Lidl GB under the brands “Freeway” and “Simply” in 1-litre and 2-litre bottles.

Our Lemonade

Product picture of Freeway Cola Maxx
Freeway Cola Maxx 2.0l
Product picture of Freeway Lemonade
Freeway Premium Lemonade 2.0l
Freeway Premium Diet Lemonade 2.0l

Our bitter drinks

Product picture of Freeway Indian Tonic Water
Freeway Tonic 1.0l
Product picture of Low Calorie Freeway Indian Tonic Water Low Calorie
Freeway Diet Tonic 1.0l
Product picture of Freeway Ginger Ale
Freeway Diet Ginger Ale Zero 1.0l
Product picture of Freeway Soda Water
Freeway Soda Water 1.0l

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