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  • For certain groups of people, “alcohol in soft drinks” is an important topic for nutritional or religious reasons. We would therefore like to emphasise that alcohol is never added as an ingredient at any point during the bottling process.

    In the production of our soft drinks, however, it is sometimes necessary to use alcohol as an additive for technological reasons. It is used, for example, as a solvent for certain flavours that are not soluble in water. This is the only way to infuse the particular product with the required flavours. However, in the final product, the content of the alcohol used for this purpose is negligible. The flavours are diluted with water many times over, leaving behind only tiny traces of alcohol. This is often lower than the natural alcohol content of normal fruit. There is no requirement, therefore, to declare this information on the label. For example, a ripe banana contains much more alcohol than a litre of the Freeway Cola.

    On top of that, some of our products contain fruit juice from fruit juice concentrate. Fruit juices naturally contain tiny traces of alcohol.

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