Our Responsibility


When producing our water and soft drinks, we always focus on ensuring the best product quality. We also care strongly about sustainable packaging, consisting of 30 percent rPET material, as well as resource-conserving production and logistics.


We are all about producing beverages according to the highest quality standards. One of the ways we achieve this is by taking great care in our bottling processes. In addition, internal and external quality controls are regularly performed on-site. For example, our water products and soft drinks undergo numerous sensory, chemical-physical and microbiological tests. Our employees always ensure compliance with our quality standards – all the way from the source to the product loading process.

With regard to the quality of our products, it is also incredibly important that we act responsibly when using ingredients and creating recipes. We produce our soft drinks only in low-sugar and sugar-free variants. In doing so, we help to support the goals outlined under our sustainability programme “Schwarz Produktion 2025”, namely in the “Assortment” area of action.


In addition to delivering high product quality, the sustainable packaging of our beverages is another key focus in our production processes. Our bottles therefore consist of 30 percent rPET material. Furthermore, we place particular emphasis on ensuring resource-conserving production and logistics processing.


MEG Derby is the first international site of the MEG beverage network. By localising beverage production in Great Britain, we are simplifying transport logistics and improving our carbon footprint in the process. Thanks to its central location in the Dove Valley Park industrial estate in Derby, our beverage plant is close to important Lidl central warehouses, as well as motorways, seaports and airports.